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International / national scientific collaborations

During the years 2015–2019, the members of the project team managed to establish collaborative relationships with several structures and institutions in the country and abroad - educational institutions, academic entities, concert organizations, archives, libraries in the country and abroad, in on the basis of which national and international scientific forums met. Among these we can name institutions from:

- Republic of Moldova : Institute of Cultural Heritage, Chisinau; Romanian Cultural Institute Mihai Eminescu , Chisinau; Alecu Russo State University, Balti; Ion Creanga State Pedagogical University of Chisinau; TG Shevchenko University of Tiraspol; G. Țamblac State University of Taraclia; Tiraspol Institute of Arts; St. Paul's College of Music Neaga , Chisinau; College of Music and Pedagogy, Bălți; Maria Biesu National Opera and Ballet Theater, Chisinau; Serghei Lunchevici National Philharmonic, Chisinau; Organ Hall in Chisinau; National Archive, Chisinau; museums in Chisinau; Union of Musicians of Moldova, Chisinau; Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova, Chisinau, etc .;

- Romania : G. Enescu National University of Arts in Iași; National University of Music, Bucharest; West University of Timisoara; Spiru Haret University , Bucharest; Transylvania University, Faculty of Music, Brașov; O. Băncilă National College of Art, Iași; Timisoara National Opera; Bucovina Cultural Center, Suceava; Casa Artelor Cultural Center, Bucharest; George Enescu National Museum, Bucharest; George Georgescu High School of Arts, Tulcea; Constantin Brăiloiu High School of Arts, Târgu-Jiu, Gorj County; Vaskertes Gheorgheni Secondary School, Harghita County; Athena Greek School, Bucharest;

- Ukraine : P. Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music, Kiev; School of Arts, Reni, Odessa;

- The Federation  Russian : Conservatory of  State of Moscow  PI Tchaikovsky , Moscow; N. Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory in St. Petersburg; Kemerovo State University of Culture and Art; V. Popov Academy of Choral Arts, Moscow;

- Europe :  Conservatory  Faethon ,  Alexandroupolis,  Greece;  Conservatory  Kops  from Komotini, Greece; M. Sykaki Conservatory, Komotini, Greece; Ihohroma School of Music, Alexandroupolis, Greece; School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Hellas, Greece; Philharmonic at Souli, Alexandroupolis, Greece; Inonu / İnönü University, Turkey; State Conservatory, Malatya, Turkey; Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel; National Conservatory of Music and Dance, Paris, France; University of Lyon, France; University of Paris, France; University of Nantes, France; Mozarteum Conservatory, Salzburg, Austria; Vienna University of Music and Arts, Austria; National Conservatory of Music and Dance, Paris, France; F. Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary; Oslo Opera and Ballet Theater, Norway; Bremen Theater, Germany;

- USA and America : University of Wyoming, Department of Music, USA; University of Minnesota, USA; Peabody Institute, USA; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA; Levine Music and Adventist University, Washington, USA; Central School of Music at Children's Creative & Performing Arts Academy, San Diego, California, USA; Edmonton College of Music, Canada.
Within these scientific collaborations, numerous articles have been published in various national and international journals, and several scientific events have been organized. In 2015–2019, 241 scientific articles were published (38 articles in journals published abroad, 49 articles in national journals (category C), 12 articles in national collections, 7 articles for popularizing science, 94 published reports / theses of communications at international conferences, in electronic format were published 41 articles) related to the results obtained within the project (signed by the project members). Within the project, 5 International Scientific Conferences and a Scientific Symposium with international participation were organized. The members of the project team organized a series of scientific events and posts abroad. L. Balaban participated as a Member of the Scientific-Organizing Committee at the International Scientific Conference Excellence through the art , edition I (Romania, Bucharest, Spiru Haret University ), which took place on October 9, 2017; the second edition (Romania, Bucharest, Spiru Haret University ), which took place on November 22, 2018, etc. The members of the project team participated in international scientific conferences (with 125 papers), scientific conferences with international participation (with 12 papers) and in scientific conferences with national status (28 papers), in total - 165 papers.
Several collections of articles have been published in these scientific collaborations. 5 volumes with theses of papers at the International Conference Musical Heritage of the Republic of Moldova (musical folklore and compositional creation) were published simultaneously, 1 volume with theses of papers at the Scientific Symposium with international participation, 5 volumes of scientific articles Study of arts and culturology: history, theory, practice (collections of theses and articles published based on the materials of the conferences organized within the project). Within the collaboration with international entities, other volumes of scientific articles appeared, published in the Republic of Moldova and abroad. Project team members (V. Melnic, L. Balaban) - members of the editorial boards of magazines published in Romania (REVART, ARTES and Annals of Spiru Haret University Magazine, Music Series).
The members of the project team took part in various shows and events promoting the creations of composers from the Republic of Moldova and musical folklore (as performers / as members of the jury / as chairman of the jury); prepared students and pupils for participation in competitions, festivals to promote the creations of composers from the Republic of Moldova and musical folklore.

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